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The reality in today’s world is that Finances mean to provide funds for Individuals and Businesses or it is a branch of the economic scenes which treat the study of the money and other assets. In a management of company, finances are the most important characteristic; businesses and finances are correlated. One can achieve his/her goal by the use of the adapted instruments. Financial planning is essential to ensure a future of better, brighter and stable tomorrows.

Over the past three decades the economic playing field has been continually evolving, but at the inception of the new millennium, changes that were drastically needed were never adopted, hence it is one of the reasons for the economic crash in 2008 that continues to this very day.


In the United States, protective measures were in place to protect not only Government, but most essentially, the public at large. However, the massive deregulation that began with the Reagan Administration and continued into the first Bush Administration, tore at the very core of the American fabric.

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